• Over, Under, Around and Through
    Pinball (one, two, three, FOUR, five..)
    The Ringmaster
    The Fairy Alphabet
    Typewriter Man
    Strange little flashback journey this evening. The complete Hale on YouTube listing can be found here

  • For those of us out there tonight who are not at the Bowie Glam Bash at Celebrities, check out this great documentary about the New Romantics/Blitz Kids scene of the early 80’s, A Fine Romance on YouTube in 11 parts.


    “The first video news I watched on a cellphone was a smoke signal. I saw it in the back of a cab. The Pope had died, and CNN had its cameras trained on the chimney over St. Peter’s Square. Viewers were told to expect white smoke when the cardinals had elected his replacement.
    The sight of this primitive signal on a screen the size […]

  • Cinematographer extraordinaire, Christoper Doyle talks about his craft on the streets of Bangkok and Hong Kong PLUS a series of commercials by collaborator Wong Kar Wai over at Girl With a Movie Camera.

  • One of the best YouTube moments for me this year was the recut trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.
    Lately, trailers have become mockeries of themselves, either giving away too much of the movie (I feel like I’ve already seen all I need to of the new Bond) or falling into a formulaic pattern that often renders a good fl […]

  • I have been well aware lately that my media viewing habits are turning increasingly from my television to the computer. Even those few shows that I do enjoy from the paltry mainstream offerings are generally viewed on my own time by downloading episodes from p2p and watching them on Quicktime.
    And then there’s the Youtube phenomeno […]

  • A search for “skateboarding” on YouTube garners almost 70,000 results, which is not surprising seeing as the hand held video camera has been a required component of the sport since the very beginning. Most of the clips that you’ll find are homespun amateurs documenting clumsy kick flips off the sidewalk curb. But others […]