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The Hades Landscape

The Hades Landscape

The first in a three part series, legendary visual effects artist Douglas Trumbull talks about the inspiration and process that led to the creation of one of the greatest dystopian landscapes in science fiction: the opening sequence of Blade Runner. (via Daring Fireball, via Coudal)

Tokyo Hectic

Tokyo Hectic
This video, found over on William Gibson’s blog this morning made me immediately nostalgic for my old Tokyo ‘hood.

William Gibson and the Garage Kubrick

Garage Kubrick
“Ingmar Bergman…in 1966 demanded that stills for Persona be taken from the negative – and, moreover, reproduced with their sprocket holes; proof that one was seeing the whole image as he conceived and shot it.”

A fascinating essay by John Baxter on William Gibson and the Garage Kubrick. via Coudal’s inimitable “Stuff about Kubrick”.

Hysteric Happy and Smile

Pattern Recognition – William Gibson in Wired Magazine

One of my favourite writers, William Gibson has poked his head back into cyberspace after an extended sabbatical from his blog with an article in Wired magazine that compares beat writer William Burroughs’ “cut up method” of writing with Lee “Scratch” Perry and the origins of music sampling. It really does not get much better than this.