• Following up on last week’s post about Digital Kitchen’s title sequence for HBO’s True Blood, DK producer Morgan Henry provides some background for the creative process:
    “With regards to “Wrong Eyed Jesus”- it was indeed a source of inspiration. Along with several other documentaries of the south and s […]

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    Just started getting into True Blood, Alan Ball’s latest HBO series about a telepathic waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana who falls in love with a vampire. Like Ball’s previous project, Six Feet Under, the title sequence was created by the talented team over at Digital Kitchen and presents a perverse montage of imagery that perf […]

  • Mark Simonson’s critical analysis of Mad Men typography.
    Mad Men illustrated by Dyna Moe.
    The Mad Men Guide to New York.
    I’m being followed by Betty Draper: Mad Men on Twitter.
    Real Mad Men at Wired, Business Week, and the New York Post.
    Imaginary Forces’ Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller on the title sequence […]

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    It is a strange juxtaposition to go hunting for clips of master filmmakers on youTube. But they are there to be found.
    In the great democratization of media, a clip from Fellini’s 8 1/2 stands on even par with clips as monumental to the history of cinema as Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton’s crude comments about Lindsay Lohan&# […]

  • The classic movie titles of legendary designer Saul Bass brought to you by my new favourite site, Not Coming to a Theatre Near You.
    (Indirectly via Coudal.)