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The Mantra

Time Loops

“What if some day or night, a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more’… Continue Reading…

Cover Versions by Littlepixel

Cover Versions by Littlepixel
Classic records lost in time and format, re-emerged as Pelican books. Brilliant!

CONNECT! Marketing in the Social Media Era: The Book

CONNECT! Marketing in the Social Media Era: The Book
Be the first on your block to own CONNECT! Marketing in the Social Media Era a book that gives 100 marketers 400 words each to discuss how social media has impacted the way that brands connect with consumers.

I had the honour of not only being a contributor but also of designing the cover which, with the help of the keen photographic eye of Leigh Peterson, turned out quite decent.

Best of all it is for a good cause: all profits will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. So order your copy today.

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

where the wild things are
It may be the defining position that this book had in my childhood. Or it might be a result of the fact that rumours of this Spike Jonze project have been piquing my interest for what seems like half a decade. Or perhaps I have simply been caught up in the momentum of the Arcade Fire soundtrack. But it took the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are to break me out of my tumbleweed blogging silence. Enjoy.

Recycled Words

Will Ashford's Recycled Words
“Like an archeologist I hunt for the words that speak to me with new meaning. Intuitively, one word at a time, they turn into a kind of haiku or philosophical poetry that I can call my own.

“At some unpredictable point along the way, in my mind, the images start to invent themselves. Using colored vellums, graphite and or India ink to highlight or obscure my words; I create the image of that invention. Though I strive to make each document visually engaging I find it is the words that I value most.”

—Will Ashford’s Recycled Words
(via coudal)

Recommended Reading: Tom McCarthy’s Remainder

A review of Tom McCarthy's Remainder
The moment that I finished Tom McCarthy’s Remainder, I began reading it again, slower this time; often pausing and re-reading a particular passage 10 or 20 times over again. I would spend hours going over a single sentence to the point where the words entirely lost their meaning and the very act of reading became the mechanical exercise of my eyes discerning the white space between the black of the type. At one point in the process of turning page 97 over to page 98, I became so enthralled by the way that the texture of the paper fell away from my fingertips and settled so serenely under my opposite thumb that I spent the rest of the afternoon reliving this moment, practicing that exact transition from 97 to 98 until I could do it effortlessly and exactly every time. Other days I would lie in the bath and simply think about reading the book as it sat on my bedside table and that would be enough.

Any and all of the above methods for fully appreciating Remainder should be taken under strict advisement by the reader however, if you begin to experience black outs or mild seizures, then I must advise that you consult a physician immediately.

Read The Believer interview with McCarthy here.

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