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The LA Times Neill Blomkamp Interview

The LA Times Neill Blomkamp Interview
“I like where we’re going with technology and global integration but the fact that corporations and dollars rule everything in our lives, I don’t like it. This isn’t the Hollywood I wanted to be part of. This isn’t the version of it that I saw when I was a kid…”District 9” and every other movie is treated like fast food. It’s promoted relentlessly and then it’s gone. Everything is a flamethrower-intensity and milked for everything it can give and then it’s just chucked away. Everything is judged instantly, too. You look back at something like “Blade Runner” and wonder how a film like that, which doesn’t do well at first, would be treated today.”

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Barely Legal

The Return of Fotologue.jp

Los Angeles
Just over a year ago I posted an entry about my experience acquiring a fotologue.jp account for Industrial Brand Creative. As I reported, at that time there was no English whatsoever on the site and one required an invitation in order to join. Almost immediately after our success with acquiring an account, I began receiving emails from people from all over the world asking me how I had done it and could I help them in securing one of their own. Unfortunately, I could not offer them an easy answer.

Recently however, fotologue has launched a new site that is open to the public and has been translated (with typical Japanese accuracy) into English. There are still a few bugs but it also has a number of new features that should make it even more user friendly. At the very least, it offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to flickr.com of which I have never really been a fan.

And so to commemorate my own new fotologue account, I have posted a few photos from my recent trip to Los Angeles. Enjoy.

The Paranoiac Space of Modernism

Dave Maisel
I’ve been searching for a decent link to photographer Dave Maisel’s series “Oblivion” —brilliant and terrifying aerial photos of the LA sprawl—ever since I fist saw it featured in the September issue of Dwell Magazine. On his subject, Maisel writes:

“In his book “Warped Space,” the architectural theorist Anthony Vidler speaks of the ‘paranoiac space of modernism,’ a space which is ‘mutated into a realm of panic, where all limits and boundaries become blurred…’ These words come to mind when considering the urban aerial images of Los Angeles and its periphery shown here, excerpted from my photographic project called Oblivion.”