Below is the presentation from the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2010 by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) that outlines their plan to use a proposed new rail line to link Copenhagen and Malm and their surrounding cities into a binational metropolitan area. Ideas as big as this demonstrate that the solutions to our modern problems need t […]

  • Be the first on your block to own CONNECT! Marketing in the Social Media Era a book that gives 100 marketers 400 words each to discuss how social media has impacted the way that brands connect with consumers.
    I had the honour of not only being a contributor but also of designing the cover which, with the help of the keen photographic eye […]

  • This weekend’s NY Times magazine features a brilliant article by Michael Lewis that takes a look at the career of NBA forward Shane Battier, a player who on paper appears unremarkable: a low scorer with few rebounds or blocks to his name. But upon deeper investigation, by stepping outside of the normal stats and figures and looking […]

  • 1) You are sitting on a stage, wearing a blind-fold. 2) Every electrical device in the building around you is on. 3) Suddenly, you detect a slight difference, a vague change in sonic pressure somewhere, as if an extremely distant mosquito has been swatted – a spot of silence, as it were, has appeared in the room. 4) “Toaster, four […]

  • Jacque Fresco designs the civilizations of the future; and in the process, he defines how the human race will need to change in order to get there.

  • Two legends, evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers (above right) and linguist Noam Chomsky meet for the first time in their respective careers to discuss the topic of deceit over at the always curious Seed Magazine.