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Sound of Noise is “Bonnie and Clyde on Drums”

“Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. Ironically, he hates music. His life is thrown into chaos when a band of crazy musicians decides to perform a musical apocalypse using the city as their orchestra… Reluctantly, Warnebring embarks on his first musical investigation…” Continue Reading…

Paths of Flight

A beautiful project by the folks over at Barbarian Group for GE. Composite video of planes taking off at various West Coast airports over the course of the day that reveals patterns otherwise lost to the stretch of time. Continue Reading…

The Art of the Shot-for-Shot Remake

So I have a minor pre-occupation at the moment with the concept of remaking a movie shot for shot. This process is not as common as one might think. Remakes of movies occur all the time in Hollywood, far too often by some people’s standards and usually with the sole intention of cashing in on a franchise that has proven itself successful in the past or with a foreign audience. But typically, the aim of the film is to re-imagine the original, infusing it with a modern day perspective or a sly ironic twist. “Staying true to the original” is a term that you will hear in certain instances but this intent is usually reserved for the spirit of the piece and not the actual content of the frames. Continue Reading…

What might a magical version of the future of media look like?

“…we [Dentsu] are interested in the future, but not so much in science fiction – more in possible or invisible magic” Continue Reading…

The Hades Landscape

The Hades Landscape

The first in a three part series, legendary visual effects artist Douglas Trumbull talks about the inspiration and process that led to the creation of one of the greatest dystopian landscapes in science fiction: the opening sequence of Blade Runner. (via Daring Fireball, via Coudal)

The LA Times Neill Blomkamp Interview

The LA Times Neill Blomkamp Interview
“I like where we’re going with technology and global integration but the fact that corporations and dollars rule everything in our lives, I don’t like it. This isn’t the Hollywood I wanted to be part of. This isn’t the version of it that I saw when I was a kid…”District 9” and every other movie is treated like fast food. It’s promoted relentlessly and then it’s gone. Everything is a flamethrower-intensity and milked for everything it can give and then it’s just chucked away. Everything is judged instantly, too. You look back at something like “Blade Runner” and wonder how a film like that, which doesn’t do well at first, would be treated today.”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The Collected Works of Neill Blomkamp

The Collected Works of Neill Blomkamp
Even the most cursory glance through director Neill Blomkamp’s early personal projects and advertising work unearths the visual and thematic roots of his first feature film District 9. In fact, “Alive in Joburg” is literally the short film upon which D9 is based. Dig around some more, through the Tetra Val short, the Nike Crab ad or the ‘Yellow’ spot for Adidas and it becomes apparent that there is a consistent “world” being explored in all of his work, at once familiar and extraordinary.

In anticipation of D9’s official opening tomorrow, I’ve compiled a YouTube Playlist of Blomkamp’s work that includes his Vancouver Film School demo reel and a couple of early music videos that prove that even the most brilliant artists have to start somewhere…

One other short film that is also worth checking out that is not on YouTube is “Tempbot”, a lighter, though perhaps equally bleak take on the robot theme that exists throughout Blomkamp’s work. Enjoy.

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