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Speaking at Interesting Vancouver

Speaking at Interesting Vancouver
The 2nd installment of Interesting Vancouver is taking place this Friday, October 23rd at The Vancouver Rowing Club. Those of us who attended last year were treated to one of the most refreshing and inspiring gatherings that you could hope to experience. This was ultimately due to the fact that the evening was not centered around any particular industry, nor was it trying to get us to upgrade anything, jump on bandwagons or subscribe to hidden agendas. As Brett McFarlane, the founder of IV, states, it is “a multi-disciplinary conference that seeks to impart new knowledge, things you’ve never known, or thought about. Open up parallel thinking ports. Activate parts of your brain that for even the brainiest person may have been neglected or unexplored.”

This year, I will be one of the speakers. I am currently putting together a presentation titled “Mindful Eating: The Biography of a Single Bite” that I have been touting as a somewhat rambling diatribe on travel, buddhism, eating local, slaughterhouses and Oreo cookies. Or something like that. Also on the bill are fellow Foodists Eagranie Yuh, aka The Well Tempered Chocolatier, who will be speaking about her passion for sweet things and Jer Thorpe who will no doubt be blowing minds with his data visualizations.

Check out the IV site over the course of the week as the list of speakers and eclectic range of topics is revealed. After the buzz of last year’s event I suspect that tickets will be going fast so get them while you can. And we’ll see you on the 23rd!


Starting in ’09, along with my sporadic duties on this blog posting about design, art and culture, I will also be sporadically contributing to a new site that focusses on another one of my passions: food. The Foodists describes itself as “a collective of like-minded food worshipers. We breathe and sleep in order to eat and drink.”

Seeing as I don’t get out all that much these days what with the new family and all, I am planning on posting recipes that reflect the type of meals that I make on an average night, when I’m knackkered from work, my daughter needs to go to bed but I am still determined to sit the wife and I down to a damn fine meal. But the site as a whole covers all things gastronomically related and boasts an eclectic list of contributors. So check out foodists.ca and bon appetit.

The Little Give

cuz you can never give too little
4 teams. 4 charities. 48 hours to make a difference. Karyo Edelman’s The Little Give kicks off today. Check back to the site as the event progresses for on location Twitter updates and of-the-moment Flickr coverage.

Field Tested Books 2008

HST's Proud Highway in Bangkok
The team over at Coudal.com are back at it with the launch of the 2008 edition of Field Tested Books, a collection of book reviews by a variety writers, each with an interesting twist. As Jim explains:

“We had this notion that somehow through experimentation we could identify how our perception of a book is affected by the place where we read it. Or maybe the other way around. Maybe it’s possible to determine how a book colors the way we feel about the place where we experience it.”

This year, the ever-experimental crew are trying their hand at book publishing by offering the Field-Tested Books collection (including all three years of FTB reviews) “in a handsome trade paperback”. I was quite honored to be asked back as a contributor, and in return submitted a gonzo-inspired review of “The Proud Highway” by Hunter S. Thompson as read in Bangkok. (My 2006 submission, “Siddhartha, on a train between Madrid and Barcelona, Spain” can be found here.)

A perfect way to blow a Friday morning: peruse the website, buy the book and be sure to throw it in your backpack this summer when you light out on your own great literary adventure.

“In this light…whisper, 24”

On June 13th, 2006, artist Jeroen Witvliet bought a number of newspapers and proceeded to cut out images from their pages. From this collection, he would select those which he responded to most and paint them. In doing so, they became something new; stripped of its context and caption, the painting forced you to confront the image for what it was.

As Jeroen writes:

“I come across images of people described as insurgents and a mention of their nationality, no other description given. Persons are being categorized and abstracted by the caption, and the language used. A number gives the score of the dead, even further abstracted. A system of classification starts to take place. A value is attached to the words describing an event. Described one way a life has value, classified another way it loses value and this way of description can be used for many, including political, reasons.”

Jeroen’s exhibition, “In this light…whisper, 24”, opens tonight at the Cristall Gallery from 6 – 9pm and runs until the 22nd.

Read my interview from last year with Jeroen here.

It is not only fine feathers…

“I’ve been somewhat disappointed with my creative output as of late. So, with a day off of client work, I set out this morning to make something interesting before the end of the day.”

So begins Jer Thorp’s entry over at blprnt introducing his latest personal Flash project, Plumage which takes a Flickr tag and creates a set of feathers from the colour data in the image. Very cool.

Untitled Days: New Work from Jeroen Witvliet

Jeroen dropped me a line today to let me know that he has a new series posted on his site called Untitled Days. As timely and thought provoking as ever.

More info on Jeroen can be found here.

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