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The Collected Links of Raymond Pettibon – #4

The Collected Links of Raymond Pettibon - #4The Collection continues with 13 works from over at Regen Projects

Also of note, it was recently announced that Pettibon is the 2010 recipient of the Oskar Kokoschka Prize. As this year’s winner of the biannual prize, the artist will be awarded €20,000. Pettibon will receive the prize in a ceremony to be held at the University for Applied Arts on March 1 at 11:00 o’clock in Vienna.

The Collected Links of Ray Johnson – #1

The Collected Links of Ray Johnson
A ways back, I posted an entry about starting a couple of recurring artist series, the first of which commenced that evening on Raymond Pettibon. Perhaps the series itself could have been titled “The Two Rays” seeing as the other artist, for whom this post finally signifies the beginning of his own series*, is Ray Johnson. Chances are you have never heard of him. But once you get a taste of his work and start to grasp his position in the New York art world in the second half of the 20th Century, you realize that herein lies the missing link that ties everything together.

I have posted about Ray before here. That posting was commented on* by one Bill Wilson, a former stagehand of Ray’s who followed up days later with an email asking me for my snail mail address so he could send me “Ray Johnsonalia”. To which, of course, I complied and for my efforts was rewarded with a fairly substantial envelope containing a number of postcard reproductions, exhibit invites and essays on Ray Johnson.

All of which I am planning to finally get around to scanning and posting as part of this series. In the meantime, tonight’s first entry takes form as a stumbled upon flickr group called “New York Correspondence School”.

The Collected Links of Raymond Pettibon – #2

Photos from Raymond Pettibon's studio
Mike Watt (yes, that Mike Watt) has posted a great gallery of photos that he took in Raymond’s studio a few year’s back as well as a collection of Black Flag gig posters.

The Collected Links of Raymond Pettibon – #1

The Collected Links of Raymond Pettibon
I’m starting a new series tonight, one of two new ongoing artist features that I aim to keep posting to in the weeks, months, decades that follow. Raymond Pettibon, in my opinion is punk rock’s answer to Andy Warhol, cynically stoking his work with such truly american made pop culture references as handguns and baseball, celebrity murder and mickey mouse. It is brilliant and dark and always provoking. But what makes me a fan most of all is his use of text and the hand drawn representation of design layout in his work. He is a designer’s artist to be sure.

We’ll get started this evening with this small gallery as well as a series of interviews from Art:21. Enjoy, and if you know of other great Pettibon links, be sure to send them my way.

“In this light…whisper, 24”

On June 13th, 2006, artist Jeroen Witvliet bought a number of newspapers and proceeded to cut out images from their pages. From this collection, he would select those which he responded to most and paint them. In doing so, they became something new; stripped of its context and caption, the painting forced you to confront the image for what it was.

As Jeroen writes:

“I come across images of people described as insurgents and a mention of their nationality, no other description given. Persons are being categorized and abstracted by the caption, and the language used. A number gives the score of the dead, even further abstracted. A system of classification starts to take place. A value is attached to the words describing an event. Described one way a life has value, classified another way it loses value and this way of description can be used for many, including political, reasons.”

Jeroen’s exhibition, “In this light…whisper, 24”, opens tonight at the Cristall Gallery from 6 – 9pm and runs until the 22nd.

Read my interview from last year with Jeroen here.

Untitled Days: New Work from Jeroen Witvliet

Jeroen dropped me a line today to let me know that he has a new series posted on his site called Untitled Days. As timely and thought provoking as ever.

More info on Jeroen can be found here.

More New Work by Jeroen Witvliet

Jeroen Witvliet
It seems Jeroen Witvliet has been busy with a new series called Text and more panels added to his Pan-orama series. Enjoy.

For more info, check out my interview with Jeroen here.

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