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Sound of Noise is “Bonnie and Clyde on Drums”

“Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. Ironically, he hates music. His life is thrown into chaos when a band of crazy musicians decides to perform a musical apocalypse using the city as their orchestra… Reluctantly, Warnebring embarks on his first musical investigation…” Continue Reading…

7 Covers of “Where is my mind?”

This all started while I was watching the Microsoft Kinect Effect ad and around 30 seconds in, a melody seeped out from under the narrative that was at once immediately familiar and completely out of context and therefore unidentifiable. It took me the next 15 seconds to place it as the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind” and then another 5 seconds to find the Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of the song on YouTube. However, along the way I also stumbled across a few other versions that I couldn’t help but collect and share here. Let me know in the comments which one is you favourite. Continue Reading…

The Collage Work of Kareem Rizk

Kareem Rizk

I was doing some late night research for illustrations of birds for an infographic piece that we have couming through the studio in the next week. As far as I’m concerned, any research project that allows you to sift through endless illustrations by Charley Harper cannot be a bad thing. However, my intended post about Harper was sidelined when I stumbled upon the collage work of Kareem Rizk.

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Great Counterculture Logos – Part 13

The Factory Records logo by Peter Saville. Continue Reading…

Social media’s mob mentality: Lessons to be learned from the Vancouver Riots

A friend of mine works for the Mountain Rescue team and he told me that their first rule when reacting to an emergency call is that the early information that you receive is almost always incorrect. And not just slightly misinformed in its details but, more often than not, entirely wrong. Social Media, when it takes the form of Citizen Journalism has a tendency to generate wildly unverified claims and furthermore, like a child’s game of telephone, these claims can often mutate as they are shared through networks to become even more distorted from the truth. For an example, check out these Tweets from Global’s post What happened to the ‘beaten’ Bruins fan?” Continue Reading…

The Solitude of Ravens

From “the art of losing love, pt.1″ by Stacy Oborn:

masahisa fukase’s best known work was made while reeling from loss of love. after thirteen years of marriage, his wife yoko left him. while on a train returning to his hometown of hokkaido, perhaps feeling unlucky and ominous, fukase got off at stops and began to photograph something which in his culture and in others represents inauspicious feeling: ravens. he became obsessed with them, with their darkness and loneliness. his photographs capture them midflight; crouched in trees at dusk with glowing eyes; and singularly and spectacularly depressingly dead, in cold deep snow. in the forward to the book published of this work, akira hasegawa writes, “masahisa fukase’s work can be deemed to have reached its supreme height; it can also be said to have fallen to its greatest depth. the solitude revealed in this collection of images is sometimes so painful that we want to avert our eyes from it.

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Augustine Kofie

A really exciting new art project has gone up on the exterior wall of Moda Hotel along Smithe Street, in downtown Vancouver. Working with curator Indigo of Becker Galleries, construction company
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Moda Hotel commissioned four internationally renowned artists–Augustine Kofie (LA), Jerry Inscoe (PDX), Remi/Rough (LON) and Scott Sueme (VAN)–known as Unintended Calculations to paint two collaborative murals on its exterior walls. Continue Reading…

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