“In this light…whisper, 24”

On June 13th, 2006, artist Jeroen Witvliet bought a number of newspapers and proceeded to cut out images from their pages. From this collection, he would select those which he responded to most and paint them. In doing so, they became something new; stripped of its context and caption, the painting forced you to confront the image for what it was.

As Jeroen writes:

“I come across images of people described as insurgents and a mention of their nationality, no other description given. Persons are being categorized and abstracted by the caption, and the language used. A number gives the score of the dead, even further abstracted. A system of classification starts to take place. A value is attached to the words describing an event. Described one way a life has value, classified another way it loses value and this way of description can be used for many, including political, reasons.”

Jeroen’s exhibition, “In this light…whisper, 24”, opens tonight at the Cristall Gallery from 6 – 9pm and runs until the 22nd.

Read my interview from last year with Jeroen here.

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